Midjourney & Better Call Saul

Posted on Aug 18, 2022

Recently, my favorite tv show, Better Call Saul, has ended, and it ended spectacularly

Midjourney is a public-facing text-to-image generator that I found often more fun and artistic than DALL-E.

To pay tribute to this amazing show, here are some Midjourney generations regarding BCS. It’s really amazing how the model captures the show’s visual style, and might have predicted Saul’s fate in prison!

The Generations

Saul in prison, black and white

“Saul Gone” poster, black and white

“Saul Gone” poster black and white 2: The prison bars and the head figure in “A” largely exceeded my expectations for AI generated art.

“Saul Gone” poster

Ending shot to Better Call Saul. This looks like a shot taken right out of the TV show!


Given the increasingly widespread use of text-to-image models, the widespread use of text-to-video model sounds like an inevitibility. I believe, in the next show I watch that’s as good as BCS, models like text2image or text2video will play a huge part in it, for better or worse.